Sanctions as Tool of War: A Comparative Look at Iraq and Iran – Mon, 4/29 @ CUNY GC

Raha is co-sponsoring this incredible and informative event on Monday, 4/29/13 at 7pm in CUNY Grad Center Room 9100.

Sanctions as a Tool of War: A Comparative Look at Iraq and Iran

Sanctions are still presented in mainstream political discussion as a peaceful alternative to military intervention. But the experience of Iraqis, whose society was devastated by over ten years of harsh economic sanctions, shows us that sanctions against countries that defy Washington are a form of collective punishment used to augment the effects of war and/or lay the groundwork for war. While sanctions against Iran have yet to reach the levels and effects experienced in Iraq, there is much to be learned by placing these two different cases in a common frame. How are sanctions used by the US as part of its efforts to dominate the Middle East? What are the effects they have on everyday life and on social movements? And how have activists attempted to organize transnational solidarity to oppose sanctions? This event will look at previous campaigns against sanctions in Iraq and help launch a new campaign against the medical shortages caused by sanctions against Iran.

More info on the event is HERE.