U.S. Feminist Organizations Call for Permanent Ceasefire Now and a Free Palestine

Genocide has resumed. Today over 50 U.S. feminist organizations call for a permanent #CeasefireNow, to End the Siege on Gaza, and for a Free Palestine. We stand resolute in our demands and declare loudly #PalestineisaFeministStruggle.

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Raha joins the call for permanent ceasefire, with over 50 organizations, including Palestinian Feminist Collective, Black Feminist Future , Adalah Justice Project and  many more.

Over 15,000+ Palestinians have been killed and we as feminist organizations of conscience cannot and will not remain silent. We answer the call of Palestinian women, trans, and queer people who have called on feminists globally to recognize and uplift Palestine as a feminist struggle. As U.S. feminist, gender justice, and queer justice organizations, we refuse to allow genocide in our name. The United States government’s role in this crisis is undeniable. Its funding, political support, and military presence on the ground in Palestine makes it directly culpable in this genocide.

Our work as feminists organizing against violence is often challenging, but it is essential, especially now. We refuse to accept a world defined by destruction, dispossession, and death. Our voices are needed now more than ever.

At the forefront of this struggle are decolonial feminists and feminists of the Global South, guiding us with visions of love and transformative change. Decolonization is an act of love, a radical reimagining of a world built on dignity, rights, and freedom for all. In the memory of our feminist forebears and with clear vision toward the future, we say:

Stop the Genocide— We demand #CeasefireNOW.

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