Today and Every Day In Solidarity with the Palestinian People

The Raha Iranian Feminist Collective stands today and every day in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle for self-determination and freedom from Israel’s regime of apartheid and military occupation. Just as we stand against all forms of colonialism, we unequivocally stand against Israeli colonial domination and recognize the right of colonized people to active resistance.

We support the tearing down of walls and reclaiming of land by Palestinians, and we mourn the past and present loss of life. At this moment, we must center who is ultimately accountable – the Israeli state that has subjected Palestinians to occupation, ethnic cleansing, and daily forms of terror, and the U.S. government that has provided billions in unconditional funding to support the apartheid regime. We oppose the Zionist project in its entirety–any government that only grants full rights to members of a certain religion or race can never be just.

As diasporic feminists, we believe women’s liberation is inseparable from the fight against coloniality and state repression in all its forms. We long for a future of peace and freedom across the region. Peace can only come through demilitarization, decarceration, and mutual thriving. We insist that solidarity among grassroots freedom movements, from Palestine to Iran, is the only alternative to the cynical geopolitical rivalries and interventions of militarized nation states and empires.

Free Palestine!!! End the occupation!!!