Jan. 12th: “Shut Down Colonial Feminism” Action in NYC with Palestinian Feminist Collective

Text on a red and black keffiyeh background that reads "Tomorrow we're shutting down colonial feminism with the PFC. Jan 12, 2pm EST, NYC 3rd AVe X E 48th St".

Manhattan, Friday, January 12th, 2024: Join us and the Palestinian Feminist Collective for a Day of Action in Manhattan at 2pm.

Location: 3rd Avenue and East 48th Street.

The action is part of PFC’s campaign to Shut Down Colonial Feminism which seeks to disrupt Zionist propaganda and its weaponization of the language of “women’s rights” to justify and conceal the genocide and systematic sexual torture Palestinians endure at the hands of Israeli Occupation Forces.

We want to make clear that Palestine is a feminist issue and that Zionism and genocide denialism have no place in truly decolonial and intersectional feminist movements.

The action will begin at 2PM, at the intersection of 3rd Ave and East 48th street, at Kristen Gillibrand’s office, who has weaponized colonial feminist rhetoric to distort the truth, spread racist and dehumanizing narratives about Palestinians to justify genocide and conceal the Istraeli occupation’s long history and current enactment of sexual torture of Palestinian men, women, and children, particularly political prisoners and captives.

Learn more about Palestinian Feminist Collective’s campaign “Shut Down Colonial Feminism” here.